The EUKLID Milling Assistant offers all possible transformations:
The EUKLID Milling Assistant reads all necessary data from the given NC-programs. The following graphs and tables are shown:


The EUKLID Milling Assistant (MAS) offers an independent, highly comfortable machining environment, controlling complete NC-machining from the slug to the creation of NC-data.

Milling Assistant

The Milling Assistant clearly separates the machining steps defined from their calculation. The user defines all machining steps in neatly arranged forms and then starts the calculation. The calculation may be repeated as often you like. The Milling Assistant’s tables allow the modification of all parameters. The following recalculation will recognize and recalculate only the steps influenced by the entered modifications. This enables you to easily create company-specific variants of Milling Assistant projects.

Master project

The EUKLID Milling Assistant makes it extremely easy to calculate family parts. In the Milling Assistant, just change the geometry file and EUKLID CDA/CAM will automatically calculate new milling paths, according to the parameters set in the Master Milling Assistant.

Repeated patterns

Repeated, identical sections of a NC-program are calculated only once and then transformed in less than a second: moved to another place, mirrored, rotated or duplicated.

  • Duplicate

  • Move

  • Rotate

  • Mirror


EUKLID CAD/CAM’s milling documentation offers detailed information about the machining sequences, including every step, in convenient HTML- PDF format.

  • Administrative data 

  • Content's table

  • CNC Data (program number, start point)

  • Tool used list

  • Workpiece geometry, slug

  • Every individual working step (roughing, semi-finishing, finishing)